A Letter from the CEO

Written by
Lejjy Gafour
Published on
June 6, 2022

Hello, my name is Lejjy Gafour.

I am the CEO of CULT Food Science, North America’s only publicly-traded cellular agriculture investment platform. I am also a founding member of Cellular Agriculture Canada and I sit on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Food Supply Council.

More and more everyday it is becoming obvious to people that our food system, and the industries that support our food production, are broken. It cannot continue to scale. It is not safe. It is not secure.

Food shortages, deadly contaminants, and non-stop price increases are inevitable. With an estimated 30-40% of all food produced being wasted we need to take steps to change how we produce our food and no longer spread the false idea that it is the fault of everyday people in choosing what they eat as the core problem.  

The answer to the world’s impending food security disaster will not be to simply push consumers to consume even more of a different type of food while avoiding addressing problems in current systems, as suggested by the WEF in pushing seaweed and lentils on to consumers as yet another problem that is theirs to solve, and not put it to the companies producing our food to address.

It is in utilizing and further developing cellular agriculture technologies to produce meat that is identical to what we eat today, but with less environmental, ethical, and food safety implications that plague the traditional food industries.

This is what I work on every day, and at CULT, we are succeeding. One of our portfolio companies just announced the buildout of the world’s largest cellular agriculture bioreactor facility, capable of supplying nearly 14,000 tonnes of chicken and beef per year once complete.

In my opinion, cellular agriculture is one of the few technologies we have at our disposal to successfully navigate this looming crisis.


Lejjy Gafour