The Portfolio

Our global portfolio spans four continents  and includes exposure to a diverse pipeline of cell lines, end products, scaffolding technology, growth medium, and intellectual property related to the production of cultivated meat, cultured dairy, and cell-based foods.

Lead Investor
Fiction Foods logo

CULT Food Science led and was the sole strategic investor of Fictions Foods seed round.

Fiction is a solutions company, expressed through food. Fiction leverages emerging technology to help us construct a transparent, intelligently designed, smarter food system that comes at a lower environment cost than the current, while returning significantly more nutrition.

Backing an Experienced Founder

Brendan Brazier is the co-founder and formulator of Vega, a plant-based food and supplement company. In 2015, Vega was sold to Denver-based giant Whitewave Foods for US$550 million. Brendan is also the co-developer of the very first Beyond Meat burger, the "Beast Burger".

Brendan is a venture partner at Blue Horizon Ventures, an impact venture fund shaping the future of alternative proteins.

Widely credited for being a first mover in the plant based movement, Brendan has now founded Fiction Foods to be a first mover in changing the way we construct food and leverage cell based ingredients.

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Our Current Portfolio

Learn more about the food and food technology companies that we are currently invested in and partnered with.

We're not just stopping here.

We intend to continue the rapid growth of our platform through additional strategic investments and incubations, further solidifying our first-mover advantage.