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Driving cell-based foods forward

CELL X is CULT Food Science's research and IP aggregation platform with a focus on leveraging biofactory engineering protocols to generate proteins and food inputs.


Beyond just an investment platform.

CELL X is the end result of an aggressive IP development and acquisition strategy to further advance and commercialize the future of food.

Focused on identifying and incubating cell-based technologies to accelerate the transformation of our food systems, CELL X Technologies aims to help facilitate advancement in bio-manufacturing and programmatic biology through precision research, capital redeployment, and infrastructure development.

The CELL X Process

Initial areas of focus prioritize the cell-based production of commodities that are most detrimental to global sustainability, and include cell-based collagen, palm oil, cocoa, coffee beans, and carbon-negative protein generation.



Our science advisory team identifies key technologies and processes that require strategic investments.



Teams get to work directly with our science team, access necessary capital, and refine the technology.


Joint Venture/Commercialize

After reaching a commercially viable stage, we work with key partners or bring products directly to market ourselves.

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