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The Food Industry is Broken

The CULT PRIZE is CULT Food Science's scientific incubation platform. It exists as a response to the global factory farming crisis and the need for breakthrough science.

The CULT Prize

One million dollars towards a global food revolution

We are funding disruptive ideas and breakthrough science in order to help solve the global factory farming crisis.

Demonstrated by our eight unique cellular agriculture investments to date, our streaming portfolio of intellectual property that is currently under development, and now the launch of the CULT PRIZE, the team at CULT Food Science is focused on revolutionizing food production and supporting a novel method to provide compassionate, ethical and highly nutritious products

We are tremendously proud to officially launch the CULT PRIZE which we hope will act as a catalyst for marked advancements across cellular agriculture, with a specific focus on cell lines, scaffolding and growth media.

Dr. Ian SmithPh.D, CULT Food Science Advisor

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Visit the CULT Prize website for more information about the plan, process, and our motivations behind setting up this unique prize.