The Future of Food
Has Arrived

CULT Food Science is an innovative investment platform advancing the future of food. The first-of-its-kind in North America, CULT aims to provide unprecedented exposure to the most innovative start-up, private or early stage lab grown food companies around the world.

We are investing
on a global scale

The current state of the food industry is a global issue, with ramifications reaching across borders and continents. It is affecting our environments, natural space, and climate on an unprecedented level.

While our core team is based in North America, we are operating on a global scale and supporting innovative companies around the world to help address these issues, blazing a path to a future of food security and climate stability.

Our Current Portfolio

Learn more about the food and food technology companies that we are currently invested in and partnered with.

Our Advisory Board

We've assembled a group of advisors with extensive field expertise to help guide our investment strategy and shape the company's future.

Dr. Paul Burridge

An esteemed pharmacologist and the principal of the Burridge Lab at Northwestern University which has been credited with multiple first discoveries, Dr. Burridge is currently conducting research around induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) for the purpose of advancing cultivated meat.

Dr. Anjum Mullani

Dr. Anjum Mullani is an alumnus of Institut Pasteur, Paris’ Department of developmental and stem cell biology and is equipped with direct expertise studying and implementing solutions across research programs, animal biotechnology, molecular biology and cellular senescence. Dr. Mullani is focused on applying her diverse knowledge base to accelerate the advancement of cellular agriculture.

Dr. Ian Smith

An accomplished scientist and research professor at the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Smith has over 20 years experience across diverse areas of cell biology and has earned significant due diligence experience in the emerging alternative protein and cellular agriculture industries.

Saloni Shah

An alumni of Boston University's Department of Earth and Environment and Harvard University's Forest Lab, Ms. Shah is the food and farming analyst for the Breakthrough Institute, a global research center seeking technological solutions to environmental challenges.

Rob Harris

An active start-up advisor and operations specialist with executive experience in alternative protein enterprises, Mr. Harris is focused on bridging the gap between scientific possibility and commercially viable products in the field of cellular agriculture.

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