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Chief of Staff

The Company is a newly formed innovative platform advancing the future of food with an exclusive focus on cultivated meat, cultured dairy and cell based technology.

It is innovative investment platform with an exclusive focus on clean, lab-grown food that is advancing the development of novel technologies to provide a sustainable, environmental, and ethical solution to the global factory farming crisis.

The company is looking for a Chief of Staff to support the company’s operations, communications, internal practices, and project management. As Chief of Staff, you will be reporting to the President/CEO. You will work closely with team members on administration, project management, strategic planning, hiring, and portfolio management. This role will serve as the senior leadership’s trusted administrator, proxy, project manager, and champion for operation across the entire team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Scheduling meetings 
  • Assisting with email and communications 
  • Assisting in managing public relations and media requests 
  • Assisting in planning and executing meetings and project management activities 
  • Tracking meeting follow-ups 
  • Assist the leadership team on preparedness for important meetings and decision making, as well as acting as a sounding board for key decisions 
  • Supporting and designing the business “operating system” that ensures team members and portfolio companies have consistent processes, and that information arrives at the right point in their decision-making process. 
  • Advising and implementing information and decision making processes for team members. 
  • Identifying and taking on ad hoc strategic projects.
  • Providing decision making support through data gathering, information analyzing, and presenting considerations to relevant stakeholders 
  • Support process management by identify organizational process gaps, creation of solutions, documentation of processes, and continuous process improvement 
  • Tactical management of internal communication on a daily basis
  • Assisting in drafting speeches and presentations 
  • Assisting in the organization and preparation of internal communications such as weekly project updates 
  • Serving as a trusted advisor and confidant to the leadership 
  • Managing critical relationships on behalf of the leadership 
  • Support on human resource operations, including setting policies—and making sure they are implemented.


  • You understand the business 
  • You can manage projects
  • You can manage relationships 
  • You have strong communication skills
  • You help organize priorities and time 
  • You can anticipate and help to avoid problems 
  • You can grasp and add value to the company’s vision 
  • You have organizational and political acumen


  • Have at least 5 years of operations experience in a venture capital or start-up environment – including project management, and stakeholder management
  • Experience running the annual budget cycle process (for example, helping department heads prepare their budget materials for presentation and year end) 
  • Experience assisting with board meeting preparation
  • Running a regular project cadence and facilitating weekly reviews 
  • Creating and updating reports to track changes in key metrics

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