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We are food technology pioneers, obsessed with developing and commercializing the world's first cellular agriculture products and brands.

Cell-Based Sparkling Coffee

Zero Coffee

Introducing the world's first cell-based sparkling coffee. Zero farm, zero harm, zero bean. All of the benefits of a cold, store-bought coffee drink, without the deforestation and massive plantations.

Zero Coffee is more than just refreshment. It's an alternative in one of the world's largest drink categories to provide a better, more sustainable option for a planet under increasing pressure.

Cans of ZERO Sparkling Coffee
Packages of Free Candy
Cell-Based Performance Gummies

Free Candy

Make room for the first-ever cell-based performance gummy. Animal-free, farm-free, harm-free. Addictive real fruit flavors and high-quality collagen, without harming a single animal.

Free Candy is the future of confection. The classic candy experience with new, innovative ingredients and higher nutritional values than ever before in a candy.

We are pioneering some of world's first cellular agriculture products to be available for consumption.
Leveraging our team of scientists and entrepreneurs, we are building innovative brands with superior ingredients and nutrient profiles that are ready for commercialization.