Pioneering the commercialization of cultivated meat.

We are at the leading edge of cellular agriculture technology, which is enabling an unprecedented disruption to the global food industry.

Product Platform

Our Brands

We are building some of the world's first branded products that leverage cellular agriculture to supply sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Packaging for Noochies! pet snacks and food
Investment Portfolio

Our Investments

We are strategically investing in innovative cellular agriculture companies on a global scale, forming partnerships for ingredient supply and product development across meat, dairy, and beyond.

We are building a sustainable future.
The most significant food revolution in human history is happening now. Cell-based technologies are making it possible to produce genuine animal products, without impacting our environment.

Our mission is to be on the leading edge of these new technologies in order to develop food that is better for you and better for our world.

We are obsessed with the idea that the food you love shouldn't have consequences that you hate.